Angry Birds Game Release To Android

The particular much anticipated release of Angry Birds to the Google marketplace had finally showed up; and the popularity of the game was under estimated by it’s inventor Rovio. Upon release time it brought the companies site to a stop as a result of large demand for the game from Android os users. GetJar collaborated with Rovio to be the first official download site for the game, and even that were there some major issues supplying the high demand. To the point that they recommended downloaders to go to their mobile site to down load the game to save some bandwidth from their main site. angry birds evolution hack

There are two major causes why this release was such a huge deal. First, obviously because the game is considered the most successful and most popular game in the iPhone market; it sold more than seven million copies and has held it’s position for quite a while. Secondly, and what some might not have recognized is that this time for the Android will be offered for free because the sport is supported by advertising rather consumer sales. Rovio does plan on launching a no-ads paid version to the marketplace for those that rather fork away the amount than deal with the annoying ads, but it is far from yet currently available. 

In an interview with Peter from Rovio this individual remarked that the sport is being played over 65 , 000, 000 minutes per day and that is just with the i phone version and now with it being available for the Android he anticipates that it will go up to over 100 , 000, 000 minutes per day. Certainly not even mentioning or considering about the releases for other platforms including the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, blackberry, etc.

The release of the overall game has shown the strength of the Android community, and it can numbers are growing quickly. In my judgment it will eventually surpass the iPhone population. It is about time the i phone has a legitimate rival and with Google as it’s locomotive there is likely no end to its track. Google is an ambitious company and is constantly venturing into new markets. They find the money for great quality work and always open source to allow for faster progress and opportunities for designers and even non programmers to have fun and perhaps even create some small income for those dedicated. At this time the key problem i see with Google android is the lack of rules in the development of programs and the leniency for accepting those programs. Many programs presently on the market are buggy and can cause your phone to breakdown, but i am sure that soon these programs will be eliminated by better programs created by better developers.

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