Are Handmade Flyers Tacky?

A great way that I come up with ideas for my marketing campaigns is to look for questions in forums and Yahoo! Answers. I stumbled on something on Yahoo! Answers today that would not leave the leading of my head. A new daycare owner had used all her budget to find the business rolling and would not allocate enough for an effective advertising campaign. top mississauga flyers

Generally there is merely something special in the headline question that grabbed my attention.

Happen to be homemade flyers tacky?

Certainly, Yes they are, but a tacky flyer may be just what is needed to get feet in the door.

The owner was just getting her business going and problem after problem sapped her budget all before she could easily get in any advertising. Thus her thought was to make some handmade flyers and hang them up around town. Yet her concern is that the possible customers would feel that her flyers were “tacky” and these customers would not go to this unprofessional business.

I would be familiar with matter if her business dealt out with law or some other suit oriented business, but her business is simply perfect for “tacky” handmade flyers. Who owns the daycare centre is only going to be hurting himself if she doesn’t put up flyers.

The first reason that she would be hurting herself is the lack of advertising. Any advertisement is better than no advertisement.

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