Transmission Problem Solver Anyone Can Use

Gears cost a lot to repair. Cost run $1,5k to $4000. My, Ultra Power Brand, Transmission-Kit, a do-it-yourself product, may fix an end your transmitting problems for about 50 bucks. Monster Transmission News

The fix given here are permanent. However, when excessive wear on a worn-out transmission is such, that they are limping along on their previous leg, I seen this kit restore their performance enough to buy them by for 6 months, doze months or so. Many people on a restricted budget want that factor. Me, too! This provides them one more option. 

Mega Power provides a great tune up fix benefit and longest life advantage known. Cleans, halts leaks and acid destruction, heals and smooths wear-roughen parts, and coats, to do the fix. Minimizes abnormal friction drag.

Huge Power ends the speediest causes of wear-out. Simply no finer product known! Acknowledge no substitutes!…

Directions. Transmission-Help Step one.

Add Huge Power Transmission Cleaner #TS to your old smooth.

Start motor, set car parking brake, move gear selectivo into, and out of all gear positions a couple times. Let clean work, with motor working for 5 minutes. After that…
Shut-off motor. Drain old fluid, replace with new. Or follow your smooth exchange machine directions. [You can drive 5 to 10 minutes to your mechanic or quick lube, and have them replace the fluid with new – after adding the cleaner to the transmission]. Next…. See #6 below -if #4 and #5 do not apply.
Some people want to clean or replace the indication filter screen – about $30 extra. I really do, if the fluid smells burned up, if the transmission “slips. ”
Note: Internal display screen will clean itself and may well not need hand-cleaning/replacement, if the transmission is not falling during normal gearshifts, and if old fluid is not dark-dark brown in color – before the cleaner was added. That will turn brown if reddish – during cleaning and is not only a filtration system changing sign.
Second step

To the new substance level, add Mega Electric power Transmission Conditioner #T. doze 0z treats up to 12 quarts fluid. 5.

To minimize slipping, also add Mega Power #10, with #T to the new fluid to minimize slipping.
If perhaps still leaking, after a week or so, also add, Mega Power Tranny Stop Leak to the fluid.
This entire service good for, repeat every 36, 000 miles, or as required in your car’s service manual.

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