Verseo EGlide Electrolysis Technology Review

Classic electrolysis systems are established on the technology in which an electric current is passed to the basis of the hair in order to destroy it. When the reason for the hair is destroyed the head of hair will not grow again and the skin will stay hair free and soft. For this reason the sole true long lasting frizzy hair removal method approved by the FDA is the electrolysis hair removal. Every other methods like lasers and IPL are long lasting ‘reduction’ and not everlasting hair removal solutions. mergertech data room reviews

Inside the traditional electrolysis, the hair technician inserts a thin electric needle to each and every locks follicle, and sends a short electric energy to the root, which ruins the hair root. 

The main bad thing is that traditional electrolysis lessons take a lot of time to complete. Performing upper lip or arms hair removal session, may well not be that long, when it comes to much larger skin surface areas like the back or thighs, electrolysis is not a suitable solution. It can take endless hours to complete a leg or back, and each treatment costs much.

The main three advantages of electrolysis is that:

It is true everlasting hair removing.
It is possible on all skin colors (there is no risk of burns like dark skin area with laser).
It is safe for facial use (while laser & IPL are not).
The main down side of regular electrolysis is that it can take forever to complete larger skin areas and it is very difficult to be performed only, you usually need an electrolysis technician for such treatment.

The Verseo eGlide Roller uses a different kind of technology which is sometimes called galvanic electrolysis. In this technology the current is not used to reach the hair roots, it is employed to cause a substance reaction.

With all the galvanic method a gel is put on the treated area and is rubbed to the skin. The skin gels needs to reach and fill all the curly hair follicles. Then a Verso eGlide roller emits safe power energy that reacts with the special gel. This kind of direct current to changes normal body salt and water in the hair foillicle into a chemical mixture capable of destroying the dermal papilla.

The skin papilla is the base of hair growth at the base of the follicle, when this skin papilla is destroyed the hair will not expand again.

Through this method the reaction only occurs in the follicle and does not affect other skin areas. This method is secure for all skin colors and then for facial foundation use too.

Another good thing about the galvanic electrolysis is that it is a faster treatment, so like its name ‘roller’ the eGlide can cover much larger skin areas at less time than regular frizzy hair by hair hunt with a needle.

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