Portland Offers Incentives For Sustainable Roofing

While using warmer, Spring-like temperatures getting close, higher cooling costs are a fact of life. Today, heating and chilling costs account for more than 40% of your home’s energy bill, with much of your warming and cooling costs sadly escaping through your roof top. To offset the increasing cost of energy, energy efficient roofing, such as solar panel roofing, live roof systems, or the so-called “ecoroof” are attaining popularity. Many local Portland roofing contractors are now specializing in these environmentally friendly roofing systems. Roofing Portland

To monetize on this environmentally friendly movement, metropolis of Portland is offering incentives to promote eco-friendly roofing. Contractors and Home Owners can receive cash incentives of up to $5 every square foot mounting of an eco-friendly roof. With an average installation cost of up to $5-$20 per square foot for a new ecoroof, many homeowners are expected to take good thing about this opportunity and choose a new, environmentally friendly roof. 

Once you make the decision to make investments in eco-friendly roofing, what are the options? The application of solar paneling is known as black roofing. In contrast, a green roof top uses vegetation, grasses, bushes and trees as an alternative to conventional roofer. An excellent example is an ecoroof project completed by Gresham Roofing in Portland, Or. The Sacramento Roof Project is extra condominium project with half a dozen 300-square-foot eco-roofs designed to grow plants.

Regardless of which direction you go, an ecoroof will probably improve the life of your homes roof two or 3 fold, adding insulation and reducing storm water runoff. The permanent benefits associated with lasting roofing include reduced energy consumption, fewer pollutants, advancements in air quality and lower heating and air conditioning costs.

The recent monetary incentives associated with future look bright for earth-friendly roofing and the industrial sectors that support them in Portland.

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