Dukan Recipes to Spice Up Your High Protein Diet

The Dukan diet promises fast weight loss with little hunger or food desires. This high protein diet is strictly limited in fat and carbohydrate absorption. The principles of the Dukan diet mean that the dieter is merely allowed to eat protein rich food for several days in a row. Eating healthy proteins allows you to feel full faster and then for longer than do fat or carbohydrates. As a result, people on the Dukan diet will spent very little time feeling starving. The fast weight damage on the Dukan diet is impressive. Speedy weight loss without hunger is a solid advertising point for any diet and the Dukan diet capitalizes on these double qualities. However some slimmers, while satisfied with their fast weight loss and lack of food urges, may be concerned about their food lacking taste. Lack of flavor will not have to be a problem on the Dukan diet.

Doctor Dukan took flavor into mind when he created the his diet

In his best seling book, The Dukan Diet plan, Pierre Dukan includes a chapter filled with tested recipes packed with flavor for fans of his regime. Every recipe packs in the largest flavor punch possible even though still following the guidelines of the diet. Discussing have a look at three tips how to make protein only meals deliciously tasty. dieta dukan receitas

Dukan recipe tip #1 – vinegar

Vinegar is allowed during all phases of the diet. This sauce performs essential operate creating sauces to flavor necessary protein rich food. Dips can be created using simply vinegar, low fat fat free yogurt and some mustard. During the protein and plant phases of the Dukan diet, vinegar can be used to create delicious salad dressings. 

Dukan formula tip #2 – mustard

A small spread of mustard is permitted even though on the diet and, as anyone who may have ever before tasted mustard knows, offers real flavor to meat. I have found while research for my diet that French mustard is the best mustard in conditions of nutritional content. It is delightful too.

Dukan recipe tip #3 – herbs and seasonings

All seasonings are authorized during the diet. Several freshly chopped mint leaves can be included in natural yoghurts to make a simple sauce. Coriander and dark onion seeds add a touch of Indian unknown to Dukan recipes. If perhaps you like things hot and spicy, then why not sprinkle some dried chillies over your meal?

The key to adding flavor to your recipes is to look for high flavor, reduced fat, condiments and then to work with them liberally. Be open to new tastes and eating sounds and you will soon be cooking flavorsome food. Consider the wide varieties of herbs and spices available in your local market. If there are some you haven’t use before to flavor foods, then try them, you will be about to discover a new favorite flavor. Don’t neglect sweet flavours such as vanilla pods and cinnamon. Spicy food doesn’t have to be hot keep in mind you can cool-down the heat by adding natural yoghurts provided that it is low fat. The main thing is to experiment and still have fun so that you enjoy your time and energy on the diet.

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