Camping, Caving, and a Scenic Drive at Ozark National Forest

Ozark National Forest has about 1. 2 million miles positioned in the Ozark Foothills in northern Arkansas. A number of many highlights in this National Forest are Support Magazine Scenic Byway offering beautiful, scenic overlooks of the Arkansas River Vly, Blanchard Springs Caverns, and many campgrounds including Horsehead Lake and Cove Pond campgrounds offering beautiful pond views. zanzibar jozani forest tour

If you like beautiful scenic drives, try the Mt. Magazine Picturesque Byway. This Scenic Byway is about 25 a long way of highway (mostly The state of arkansas State Highway 309) in the western/central percentage of Illinois on the south aspect of the Arkansas Riv Valley. You have to drive slowly for much of the way, especially through the section that brings about Mt. Magazine. This kind of section of the byway provides spectacular views along a winding mountain highway with ‘sharp curves and hairpin switchbacks’ leading to the flat-topped Magazine pile. Allow at least one to two hours to drive slowly and visit scenic overlooks to completely enjoy the beautiful views as you go along. 

At an height of 2, 753 foot, Mt. Magazine is the highest point in the state. In the course of and on top of the mountain you are going to enjoy stunning views of forested mountains, rock menaces, and beautiful lakes.

Via Mt. Magazine, the byway goes down about 2, 300 feet to the town of Paris, completing the 160-acre scenic Cove Lake along the way. The byway leads through downtown Rome (population of around 3, 300), and procedes Webb Town passing more beautiful natural landscapes on how including meadows, pastures and prairies.

Blanchard Springs Caverns, a system of “living” caves and caverns, is another spotlight of this National Woods. Life Magazine described it as “one of the most extraordinary finds of the century”. The name comes from the near by spring that pours out of your mountainside and into a pond named Mirror Pond. Nearby is a brief, scenic walk to the falls where the normal water exits the caverns.

Exceptional interpretive programs are provided at the Sheltered Give Amphitheater 3 times weekly from Memorial Day through Work force,, labor force Day. These programs are free to Blanchard Suspension systems campers with only a tiny payment for non-campers.

Blanchard Springs Caverns offers 3 tours. The Dripstone Piste tour explores the top level of these caves; the Discovery Trail concert tours is longer and more strenuous leading through the middle level; and the Wild Cave Tour offers an introduction to spelunking or caving.

Informative Woods Service interpreters guide these tours. The Dripstone and Discovery tours are limited to around 30 people and the Wild Give Tour is restricted to 12 people. All trips commence at the customer Details Center. Beware, these excursions can cost up to $75 but are incredibly useful and are an outstanding way to enjoy the beautiful and unique features of this living cave system.

Take the scenic drive and go caving throughout the day and camp at night time with beautiful views of either Cove or Horsehead Lakes. There are many places to camp at Ozark National Forest.

One particular campground that offers views of a lake as well as shade within mixed forest of wood and evergreens is Horesehead Lake campground. Horeshead Pond is a tiny fishing pond of about 100 miles with a swim beach. The campground is also small with only 15 RV and tent sites and is also situated so that most sites have a good view of the lake. While at the campground, take a fairly easy walk on the three mile Horsehead Lake Trail.

Cove Lake campground is another, slightly larger campground that even offers lake views from several of the camp sites. This is an excellent destination to camp if most likely traveling along the Mt. Magazine Scenic Byway since it’s to Mt. Publication.

Camp at Horsehead Pond or Cove Lake campgrounds with beautiful lake views from your camp site, take a leisurely drive with spectacular views along the Mt. Magazine Picturesque Byway, or go subterranean and experience caving at Blanchard Springs. Ozark Domestic Forest, like all of our National Forests, offers exceptional for you to experience the beautiful natural landscapes of our country.

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