Not So Crazy Anymore, But Still Full of Hope

Not long ago i reconnected with an old friend i have from high school. Sandy was your most talented cartoonist I ever met. All of us have made plans to break bread and fracture jokes. I’m definitely looking forward to catching up with her. However, in our emails she known to me as “the crazy Sally Marks. inches

In the past when I went to my high school reunions, a few folks described me personally in a similar fashion – crazy. Some reports I remember with distress. Other tales I avoid remember at all, nevertheless the essence of the story seems like something We would’ve done. I want to keep the blog g-rated, so I will not get into my misspent youth, but I can tell you that as I retell these tales to my buddies, we twice over in laughter. Blogging Crazy

Thus, I ask myself, what happened to that crazy girl? Why am We sitting in front of my computer on Fresh Year’s Eve trying to come up with something to write about rather than painting the town? 

Pertaining to starters, if I write I won’t fall in bed before midnight. I’m looking forward to 2010 and i also want to usher it in with a smile and a cheer. It hasn’t recently been a fairly easy year for practically everyone I know. People young and old have lost jobs and homes. Good friends of mine lost their child. Another dear friend just lost her husband.

Nevertheless , a new year is justa round the corner. As being a Buddhist, I know (at least theoretically) that all things are transitive. We cannot count on external things to bring us happiness. This can include money, power, lovers, children, success or status. All these things can disappear in an instant. This yr also, I, as well as others, experienced the loss of many of these much-loved things firsthand.

Yet , there is one thing We are taking in with me to the new decade. Hope. Wish for an improved tomorrow, as well as the determination to do my part to bring a little light to the world. For a lot of my life I tried to shed a little happiness through humor. I did a few wild and ridiculous things, told many comments and stories, wrote comedy scripts, and tried to inject a little levity in my corner of the world.

A few things have changed.

Honestly, I’m quite a bit less funny as I used to be. I tell people “I’m funny on paper, but I’m not that funny in person. ” The moment I check out a party I’d personally rather engage someone in an earnest dialogue than stand on a desk with a lampshade in the head. When We look in the reflect I’m still astounded that the image reflected back in me is not a skinny, goofy and computer animated, young woman, but a middle-aged grandma who needs to exercise, pay more attention to what the lady eats, and needs a cup of coffee and a shot of water vitamins to kick into second gear. I are different crazy Sally Signifies I once was.

And that’s okay.

Just as much as we might want things to stay, our lives, our country and our universe are constantly changing. It does indeed no good to pinus radiata away about things in the past. We can cherish good memories and show appreciation for our blessings. But we simply cannot be assured that those blessings will always be with us. However, we can keep the light of hope in our hearts and constantly concern ourselves to work toward an improved future.? nternet site write this I was one hour away from a new year, a new decade and new hope for tomorrow.

Now i am not partying this Fresh Year’s Eve. I i am home alone. But, We are doing just what I actually want to do, writing something that I desire will inspire someone. Probably that sounds crazy. Just how about that? I speculate I haven’t changed as much as I thought. I am older, more overweight, and hopefully wiser, but deep down, and in my own special way, I’m still that “crazy Sally Marks. “

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