Motorbike Tyre Safety

Pertaining to motorcyclists, driving safety will depend on largely on tyres – as the only point of contact between your motorcycle and the street, you are reliant on their integrity and performance.

TyreSafe, one of the UK’s leading tyre basic safety organisations, is leading a new motorbike safety effort called PACT, to ensure bikers manage their tires, and themselves. tyres online

PACT stages for:

P – Overall performance: Legal, good quality tires with sufficient tread interesting depth will give you better grip, handling, braking and a smoother ride. Better-performing tyres also give you better gas efficiency. 

A – Air Pressure: Tires with the right air pressure will help keep you safe. Incorrectly filled with air tyres are one of the top reasons for tyre failure, as over-heating can cause dangerous blowouts. Properly inflation increases overall performance, too. Look at your pressure once a week using an exact pressure gauge.

C – State: Inspect your tyres for any clear bulges, punctures, cuts, embedded objects or uneven tread wear. If you discover any of these, take your motorcycle to a garage or tyre specialist immediately.

T – Stand Depth: Insufficient tread range means reduced grip, managing and braking, especially on wet roads. The legal minimum depth for bikes over 50cc is 1mm.

It’s particularly crucial to do these safety checks in the spring, when many riders may bring their bikes out for initially of the year, having kept them in storage space through the winter. Humid or cold weather, or fluctuations in temperature and humidity can affect the health of your tires during this downtime, and they may have become unsafe. Any of the above points may affect your acceleration, braking, steering, handling and the general quality of ride, not to mention your safety and the expense of repairs and alternative that could be averted by properly maintaining your tyres in the first place.

If you are caught with illegitimate tires, you might receive a fine and penalty points on your license. Even more serious than that, by using with sub-standard, wrongly overpriced or badly conditioned tires, you run a very real risk of a serious accident.

TyreSafe’s PACT campaign should educate and remind motorcycle riders to maximise their enjoyment and safety by taking proper care of their tires. If you need vehicle repairs or replacements, it’s possible to get high quality, cheap tyres online. And specialists at a storage area will always be capable to give you advice on the best tyres for your bike.

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