Sleep – The Purpose, The Reason, and How to Get It

The objective of sleep and why we sleep has been uncovered many times over by researchers in many areas but none overlap their fields to place the studies together. It was a little while until about 15 years of research into sleep, pillows, consumer electronics, blood flow, chiropractics, rub therapy, brain basics and several other health domains to understand that sleeping is very necessary to our health and wellness and why. Sleeping is a basic requirement to life. Together investigator concluded “lack of rest did not kill the animals because they all died from organ failure”. posture pillow

Taking a look at the research we see that without sleep we will die of body failure because we are human animals. Therefore sleeping must have a therapeutic affect on our body organs. Without sleep our organs start shutting down and develop an condition; get sick. In the event you check with many people who don’t sleep well you will discover they are often sick and/or on medical drugs.

Many current studies are indicating that without sleep we feel and become if drugged or drunk. Studying the body structure and spine through studies by MDs, Chiropractics and massage remedy we see how the body works. Brain studies suggested that the brain produced the harmful chemicals to heal the body. Additionally, it explained that the brain uses 20% of our total the flow of blood and uses 50% of the Air in blood. This research gave me regarding another cause of high blood vessels pressure. Muscle research signifies that the neck muscles if stressed tighten around the arteries restricting the blood flow to the mind.

Other research into how our spine works indicates that every electrical communication to and from the mind goes through the neck area and vertebral column. In brain research we find that the mind controls all body functions, muscles, nerves and even gives us the energy necessary for movements. The brain absorbs and uses over 400, 500, 000 bits of information per second, per day, per hour, each day every day. When would the brain have time to heal our body if it is working at capacity while awake? Anytime we can reduce the intake maybe the brain can spend some energy healing us?

Studies in many health fields reveal that the body repairs itself and during sleeping is the only time the energy can be bought.

The purpose of sleep is to keep the body healthy!

While sleeping over fifty percent of the input alerts are stopped freeing up the energy instructed to recover our body. During sleeping your body fights infections, mends, rejuvenates and defrags the electrical information, freeing up space for storing for the next day. Sleep allows the brain time and energy to heal our systems. Any kind of restriction of energy or blood flow, to or from the brain during this period would stop or reduce the recovery from the brain.

This kind of is where a cushion enters the sleep picture. There are two ways a restriction could affect the brain; blood flow and electric power flow. The throat muscles must be calm forever blood flow and the neck vertebra must be open allowing the free flow of bad particals to and from the brain.

An assistance (pillow) must be able to support the head weight while relaxing the neck of the guitar muscles to get guitar neck in alignment on your back or side. Position of the spine while sleeping allows the curing to reach all parts of the entire body. The pillow case is the main part of getting a good profound sleep as proven over 5, 000 years back by a Chinese Emperor who demanded and received the perfect sleep support even though he slept on a wood surface.

Present pillow must conform to a comfortable mattress while supporting the head weight and keeping the guitar neck in alignment. Each person must be measured for a sized pillow to fit their physiology and their way of sleeping peacefully, side or back.

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