What Should You Know About Cowhide Rugs?

Cowhides as Rugs

The image and aesthetic impact of decorating a room with carpets, cushions
and accessories created from cowhide is well recognized. The growing market for the products and the quality, softness and gloss of the Colombian cow hide
are also highly renowned. cowhides

Varieties Of Cowhide Carpets 

Each piece of hair is exclusive and special, there aren’t two similar pieces.
Please keep in mind that any variant in color, marks and even insect bites are visual proof that the cowhide is made from genuine leather and in no way does any natural markings impact the quality or beauty
of the leather.

Facts about Cowhide Area rugs

Most Of the Cowhides come from Colombia and Brazil where the cow’s skin have a wide range that happen to be bred for their world famous Colombian beef. The cowhide rugs last for a longer time than synthetic rugs, and use less environment wrecking production process comparing to kind of rugs. Whenever we consider the safety concern for using them, cowhides are totally free of bleaches, dyes and other horrid stuffs employed in other leather products example shoes and belt and so forth unless its branded.

Where you can Buy

Cowhides can purchased from furniture stores. Not all stores bring Cowhide Rugs as the not a popular designing item though its getting popularity very quickly. The best destination to buy cow conceal rugs are Online Retailers. Please look for the right seller and buy from trusted sellers. No longer worry if you see the spots or a little hair loss on the hides thats the proof that the cow hide is real.

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