Pets and Your Vacation Homes and Condos – The Real Truth

So that you purchased a vacation home or property and now you are attempting to decide if you should allow domestic pets. Ask yourself these questions: dog toys

Will I get more bookings easily allow household pets at my vacation home?
Will renters not need to rent my getaway home because I allow pets at my home?
Do pets really ruin holiday rentals?
If I say No Pets Allowed, can I really enforce that rule?
What type of pets should I allow if I choose to allow them?
How many household pets should I allow?
Are I planning to rent my vacation home to friends with pet allergies?
In the event I decide to allow pets what should We do to minimize any associated risks?
After all is considered should My spouse and i allow pets?
Here is my advice and ideas based on 8 years of experience and buying 7 vacation rentals.

Will certainly I drive more bookings if I allow pets at my vacation home?

It is our experience that allowing pets has increased our rentals. If you decline pets, you will lose rentals to anyone who wishes to vacation with their family pet. It becomes a question of balancing the amount of rentals lost anticipated to refusing pets, by the number of accommodations lost due to lessees with allergies. They may be unwilling to stay if you occasionally have pets in your rentals home. Yet , keep in mind we do have rules with respect to form of pet, number of pets, and activity of pets. We have lessees who bring pets and get them to indication an animal Policy.

Can renters not need to rent my home because I allow pets at my vacation home?

A lot of renters will already have it in their brains that accommodations who allows pets are dirty, stinky and run-down. You will not be able to change the minds of men, so do not even bother attempting. Such renters would likely be problem renters in any case. Some renters with allergic reactions will also avoid your home, but in our experience there are fewer of these than dog or cat owners.

Do pets really damage vacation rentals?

Whilst some pets do, the vast majority do not damage vacation rentals. You would never even know a pet had ever before been there. Most owners who travel with their pets, have clean well kept homes. They expect their pets to respond in their own home and while on a break. These kinds of varieties of renters will always ask if they can bring their family pet to your house. These are not the renters and domestic pets you need to consider. Pets you need to be wary of are not used to journeying or even being in the house.

Unfortunately, there are several renters who seldom admit they are bringing a pet because they anticipate damage at least a mess. Safeguarding yourself with a family pet policy is more effective than banning pets. Banning them will not ensure that renters would not bring them along anyways and try to go them in.

If I actually say no pets allowed can I really implement that rule?

We do not come right away and admit pets are allowed at our getaway homes, but instead we ask renters to ask about pets. We found this to work very well. Renters will then ask us about household pets and we can find out what kind of pet they intend to bring and so forth. We then can easily notify them of our family pet policy and we ask them to sign your pet policy. I use the pet policy found on This family pet policy has everything Needed and could also be modified to fit my person needs.

You can also request an additional security deposit for just about any renters who bring pets. It has been our experience that renters who told all of us about their pets were not the challenge, but lessees who make an work to sneak in their pets would be the problem.

If perhaps you know before hand that certain renters will have pets at your holiday home, you can let your property management know. They can check for any problems while the renters exist, and also check more closely for evidence of damage after the renters check away. Inform your property management of any pets that will be residing at your vacation home. Insist that your management staff immediately report any unauthorized domestic pets at your home.

What type of pets should I allow?

Most lessees travel with a tiny kitten or dog. Very few travel with a huge dog because a huge dog will take up so much room in a vehicle and usually that room is employed for folks and luggage. Tenants that travel with puppies and cats will usually have them in family pet carriers. Most renters do not want an unmanageable pet accompanying them on holiday.

How many pets must i allow?

How many house animals you allow at your accommodations will rely upon the size of your leasing. If your home is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom vacation home and the guest want to bring 4 dogs I actually feel that is somewhat much. Seriously, it will be up to you to determine if you will grant any exceptions but do so only if you are incredibly comfortable.

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