Qualities to Look For in Authentic Suits of Armor

Probably the most impressive home d? trompe displays can be real suits of armor. A great way to acquire one for your house or office, it is important to really know what you would like. Some of you could be shopping around initially and have no idea what to look for in a suit of armor. Not only should your armor be traditionally accurate, but the materials to make it and the finish quality all enhance the authenticity of your particular piece. Today’s reproductions of historical armors arrived mainly from three countries: Spain, Italy, and India.

By nature you can be inclined to feel that top quality suits of armor range from first two countries, and then you’re accurate. However, you’ll more often than not wrap up paying a premium for the armors. The suits of armor in Italy and Spain are crafted by the finest artisans and the product quality is unparalleled. The surface finish on the armor is going to be real and polished or used to your liking. The armor specially in Italy is created with an “old patina” rustic look which India manufacturers cannot or will not match. The condition of the armour is also going to be more real and historically accurate to what was actually constructed in medieval times as well. Another good thing about Italian and Spanish armors is they often can etch and emboss very delicate and complex designs on their armor, sometimes in treasured metals such as platinum. 

In case you are buying a display suit of armor, Spanish suits happen to be heading to be your pick and choose. However, the armor in India does have their pros as well. Because the price tag on labor is much less in India, you will often pay a whole lot less for an Native american indian armor, and they can be high quality as well. Indian armor also is an effective SCA combat or reenactment part. They make suits of armor that can be worn and used as costumes or in tourneys. The downside is they usually make not-so-good screen armors, as the “old patina” look cannot not be replicated and they fail miserably at decoration and embossing fine designs prove armors.

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